company-Wuxi Haiyue biochemical equipment Co. Ltd.

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      Wuxi Haiyue Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi Serene scenic Taihu Lake is known as the hometown of China Chemical Equipment ---- Wuxi Nanquan, and adjacent to the picturesque Lake Taihu. North by the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Taihu Lake north exit of the high-speed Nansen 500 meters east of State Road 312, west to connect to high-speed, is only 18 kilometers away from Wuxi airport, transportation, environmental blessed. Is a set of biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and other equipment research and development, production, sale, installation, commissioning and other production-oriented enterprises train services. Strong technical force, production equipment, advanced production technology, detection means perfect, high-quality products.
      Wuxi Haiyue Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. air cooling and dehumidifying equipment, dehumidification, energy saving effect is remarkable, has received the majority of the fermentation industry users, three-way, four-effect evaporator, scraper rotary film evaporator, falling film evaporator new crystallization tank, autoclave and other fermented, pharmaceutical equipment, users in the country in the prestigious joint venture, called biochemical equipment manufacturing industry rising star. Air after-treatment devices are our patented products. Hope the new and old customers' attention, see patent certificate! Our Patent No.: ZL2008 2 0186662.2.

      Wuxi Serene main products: the air handling equipment, biochemical equipment, reaction mixing equipment series, heat exchangers, refrigeration equipment series, fermentation, extraction equipment series, drying, mixing equipment series, concentration, evaporation equipment series, tanks, recycling equipment series such as eight hundred kinds of chemical products.

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